Friday, June 5

love game

well as u can see there is a picture of a couple up here. awwh so sweet rite?F*@# sweet. for me i don't feel anything about it.myb bcoz aku dh lame xcpl.yeah i admit it im not couple with anyone rite now. not in da mood.haha.lamo.yeahh you can call me tht.butt org tertentu jeh.aha. coz when u start to have a bf or gf u'll not spent a time with u're friend ble dh break or ade problm mule lah tercari2 kawan tu's stupid. i said this bcoz i've been tru it. when i think it back yeahh why did i do that.i know that we're so in love and what so ever. but shitt mann. don't you ever forget you're friend.coz they are the place for u to cry with when u're sad and the place for you to share you're happiness.think about it.oh yea this post bkn utk sape2. sahaja sahaja jehh.haha. okay beb ;) im out.


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clockwork orange said...

dont say that u r the guy kissed by the girl..
its really sucks kissing in public..
there..houch..kissing or ...........?