Saturday, December 27


How do i start this.hurm.haih.yea first i want to apologize to all my fren cause i'm acting so bad towards u guys lately.
I dont mean to hurt u guys feeling im juz stressful with all the drama that i've sucks. im so sorry =(

This one special for chin teed.urm. chin kte bru je knlkn but a lot of thngs happen to us. the happiness,sadness and joyful that i've been with u is meaningful to me.
I'm sorry cause xdpt nk jd kwan yg baik utk u i sangat jahat kn chin and u already knew that.
Wish i could have three wishes and i'll use it to change myself,turn back time to fix all my mistake to all my fren and be the person that i could ever be in this beautiful world.
But all that things is to late for me cause now u have to move to poli Pasir Gudang.johor.
jauh lahh chin. humm.
All i want you 2 know is im regreat with all my fault tht i made. n i sayang u chin and i want to be your fren. hope u know tht. plss let time fix evythngs.

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