Thursday, January 8

The Getaway

yo blog stalkers,
arie here. and i just wanna say that i will be going to kuantan, pahang for one whole month. YES, a WHOLE month. idk what am i going to do there. my dad works there, so i have to follow him. JUST ME. he loves me the most! haha

i will be taking my license there. hopefully i'll pass.
zaki told me that aliph got 49 over 50 in his computer exam. i wanna beat him! choyy.

one more thing, in kuantan, there's no INTERNET. sialan...
i'm gonna be bored for a whole month.
what the hell am i going to do there besides taking my license?!
i'll just sit there, talking to objects. how boring. maybe i'll call the coys if im super bored! mmg akan bosan pun.

so anyways,
i would just like to say goodbye to all my friends.


if i left anyone out, sorry ye. haha
plus, i wanna say sorry if i did any stupid mistakes to any of you guys. seriously, i wish i can take it back. but i can't. thus, i regret for doing all those stupid things.

goodbye, everyone.

seriously, i will

well, farewell.
see you guys later,
love u all!


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